ClearView gives surgeons around the world, access to most innovative products used in spinal surgical
procedures. Below are just a few of ClearView's cutting edge technologies.
Leucadia™ AutoLok™ Pedicle Screw System

In Development

The Leucadia™ AutoLok™ screw design was developed out of the need for an "anti-backout" locking feature in
a pedicle screw construct without compromising the construct strength. The design is based on ClearView's Leucadia™
screw design, with the added "locking" lobe feature to the tulip head, which creates an interlocking mechanism with the
set screw.

The Leucadia™ AutoLok™ System has an integrated, self-locking feature that will fully secure the set screw within the
pedicle screw head. Lobes located on the outer diameter of the set screw will interlock with corresponding nodes in the
top of the pedicle screw head. As the set screw is advanced, the screw head will splay outwards as each lobe moves in
and out of each node until fully seated. The lobe/node interface will prevent the set screw from rotating, thus eliminating
set screw back out. The zero-step locking mechanism will ensure that the set screw is fully secured and minimize overall operation time.